Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Weekly Neville's Quarter Acoustic Breakdown Update - February 17th, 2018

What follows is the Valentine's edition of the Neville's Quarter's Acoustic Breakdown Spotify Playlist! 

We added the bands We Banjo 3, Flatt Lonesome, The Amity Front, and Elephant Revival. Respectively, their songs  are "Ain't Nobody Else Like You," "Never Let Me Go," "She Don't Lie," and "Hello You Who." We tried to pick the most romantic songs to provide you all warm fuzzy feelings for the rest of the week. 

In addition to those four musicians, we added ourselves! 
It is called "What Do You Dream About," and we were really happy to be able to release it on Valentine's Day! It is available for download and streaming everywhere.

We even made a lyric video: What Do You Dream About Video
"Ain't Nobody Else Like You"
by WBanjo 3
Here's a love song vocal duet to play to your love and make them feel special. Put this tune in the background whisper sweet nothings while you hand them roses and/or tickets to Merlefest.  Because they'll be there this Spring! We're certainly hoping to see them there. 

"Never Let Me Go"
By Flatt Lonesome
Fun, FUN, and fun. Dance with your partner while listening to this wonderful song. It's about never letting go of your partner. The harmonies are perfect and there is some great instrumentation. You'll probably want to put this one on repeat; it's too short!

"She Don't Lie"
By The Amity Front
At first you may think that there are some negative resentful tones to the song, because of the title and the first line of the song. However, the song turns surprisingly sweet and romantic. Though there is that tone of sad rejection, it doesn't make it any less of a Valentine's Day Song. Perhaps this song is more for those who are experiencing unrequited love. For those of you out there; hang in there and listen to this beautiful song to make you feel a little better.

"Hello You Who"
By Elephant Revival.
This one is just awesome sounding and the lyrics qualify as poetry:
"Hello you who moves with me in a dance.
Hello you who moves me like the sea.
Hello you who shows me what our fears are made of,
Who love me Love loves me just to be.
I’ll hold you, hold me closely.
All that I can give you, know I want to.
All I have to offer, it’s all for you.
I’ll hold you, hold me closely.
Goodbye to those starless skies, empty eyed, sorrow cries,
“no not goodbye.”
Hello to the dawning of the star inside our turning around,
Your sunshine eyes.
I love you Love love you just to be."
That belongs on a love note, no? The song is quiet, delicate, but totally encompassing; I think a lot of the power comes from the low notes from the cello and the soft rich tones of Bonnie Paine's voice.

"What Do You Dream About"
By Neville's Quarter
When you're in love, all your dreams involve that person whom you cherish most of all. This song rotates on that idea and with the idea that the other person "knows" the same feeling. The song is for sweethearts and dreamy eyed admirers. Happy Valentines Day! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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