Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Weekly Neville's Quarter Acoustic Breakdown Update - February 24th, 2018

We are back to looking at local bands this week for the Neville's Quarter's Acoustic Breakdown Spotify Playlist!

We added the musicians Charles Latham, Becca Rae, the Couldn't Be Happiers, the Mysti Mayhem Trio, and Kenny Jackson. Respectively, their songs are "Dressed up for Nothin'," "Ain't Ashamed," "Let's Not Bury the Obvious," "Good Day to Be Alive," and "The Shortest Day / Set the Log Alight." It's always such a terrific surprise to see that there is SO much talent in area we live in. 

"Dressed up for Nothin'"
by Charles Latham

This song had us laughing the whole time. The lyrics were sad and oddly familiar... that time when you get everything ready for a big date and you're not sure the other person even remembered. The song has this calm, happy go lucky, tempo and almost a casual honky tonk walk; which makes the feelings of insecurity and panic in the words all the more amusing. The character to whom this awkward situation is happening to is talking to the "absent date" the whole time as if trying to play it cool. It's pretty hilarious, give this song a listen!

"Ain't Ashamed"
By Becca Rae

Becca Rae has an incredible voice! She got the country singer belting thing down; it's full of power, edged with pain, and perfectly melodious. She hardly needs any other instrumentation; and perhaps she knows this, having only a single guitar to accompany her voice. Personally, it was hard to listen to the words because the vocals are so skillfully expressed, they were all my mind wanted to pay attention to. But seriously, Becca Rae is a great musician and has a lot more to offer than just her voice; she's a great story teller! Listen to her tonight at IMURJ at 8pm!

"Let's Not Bury the Obvious"
By Couldn't Be Happiers

This duo is so cool and they fit so well together musically. The words are great mix of modern lingo with an old folk feel, which I think is part of their appeal. They are experts at combining the new and the old. This song is upbeat and feel-good. I imagine it's really fun to sing this song with someone you care about, so I suggest you put it on the car stereo on repeat on your next road trip.

"Good Day to Be Alive"
By Mysti Mayhem Trio

The lead vocalist's voice drips like metaphorical saucy chocolate, it's truly luscious and luxurious to listen to. It's a good day to be alive when you're starting it off listening to this song. The orchestration of the band is put together well; it's balanced and retains the same smooth swing throughout the whole song. Love this song, we're so happy to have discovered it.

"The Shortest Day/ Set the Log Alight"
By Kenny Jackson

This is an original by Kenny, who is a blessing to the Old Time genre of music. An instrumental song, it's a delightful tune that lightens the spirit. I'm guessing that is exactly what was felt by the composer because it is titled "the shortest day," a time when we need more light (both in our spirit and physical world). In the middle is switches into the "set the log alight" theme, which is more upbeat and gets you tapping your foot. These musicians are treasures to North Carolina, so we hope you'll give them a listen.

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