Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Weekly Neville's Quarter Acoustic Breakdown Update

Hello everyone.
New songs, check it out.

We added Front Country, Sam Bush, Bryan Sutton, Mary Gauthier, and The Way Down Wanderers to the playlist this Saturday morning. Respectively, their songs are "Sake of the Sound," "Play By Your Own Rules," "Chase The Moon," "Mercy Now," and "Heading North." 

The breakdown of the awesomtastic songs is below.

"Sake of the Sound"
By Front Country
This song will likely give you goosebumps. At first it draws you in, as powerfully as the smell of coffee in the morning. We suspect it has something to do with the rhythm... it's mesmerizing. The vocals are powerful and awesome. The words are all too appropriate. It's all about "the sound" and quite literally you'll love this song for "the sound." It's a bit ridiculous actually, how much the words of this song are just reflecting exactly what you're feeling while listening.

"Play By Your Own Rules"
By Sam Bush
Great folk feel to this song; it's old, authentic, and bursting with life.  Sam Bush is a legendary mandolin player in bluegrass circles. This is a song about making your own decisions and your own rules for how your life should go. We hope to possibly make it to Merle Fest, where he'll be playing this summer.

"Chase The Moon"
By Bryan Sutton
This is a great pairing with the previous Sam Bush song. Similar frantic, upbeat, running through the cornfields, feel. The song is actually sort of about that, the feeling that you can't stop chasing something. In this case, the thing they're chasing is a love they can't get. Must be maddening cuz this song just doesn't want to stop once you press play.

"Mercy Now"
By Mary Gauthier
The pace of our playlist goes way down, once this song starts playing. Mary is so relaxing to listen to; her voice is intimate and soulfully honest. This is such a sad song, about people she loves, people who are in trouble, people who carry tremendous stress, and who really could use some kindness and help. We like Mary and her compassionate sad song... it's really great music, check her out.

"Heading North"
By The Way Down Wanderers
We had to flip a coin on which Way Down Wanderers song we would use for the playlist this week, we were both so passionate about their songs. You will love their stuff too. This song's about traveling up North to be with someone whom they love and about their journey it takes to get there. There's lots to like about this song. If you're interested in hearing more check out the song Dead Birds; there is some really fun string instrumentals to listen to in that song.


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