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Neville’s Quarter
is a charming fiddle and guitar duo that plays fun and energetic Folk and Americana music. The two met at church in Chapel Hill and have been creating music together since 2016. With no-nonsense lyrics, covering everything from love and politics to time travel, their hypnotic hijinks are warm and inviting. They have hours of original music that they perform locally. To date they have released six independently produced and recorded singles: “Karma Who,” “It’s a New Day,” “This Little Old Home,” “Gotta Love the Summer,” “What Do You Dream About?,” and “Bluegrass on My Mind.”

The Neville’s Quarter band hosts a Live Show featuring local songwriters every Wednesday at 6pm. Watch it from the Neville’s Quarter Facebook Page: www.Facebook.com/NevillesQuarter or watch replays on their YouTube Channel Here: Neville's Quarter YouTube Channel


LEX HEADLEY — VIOLIN & MANDOLIN & PIANO Lex Headley studied piano from a very young age, started playing violin in elementary school, sang with the Young Opera Company of New England while in High School, and entered college as vocal performance student at Syracuse University’s Setnor School of Music. She currently teaches violin at the Junior Appalachian Musicians Program and teaches piano privately. Discography: Vocalist on “Keepers of the Flame” by Eric Bannan (2017), Violinist on “Before the Rain” by Judson Hair (2018), Violinist on “Boy on a Boat,” “When you’ve got AIDS,” and “Mickey Mantel” by Steven Meshnick (2018). She is a member of the Music Department’s “Music Team” of Community Church of Chapel Hill. Lex hosts the Neville’s Quarter Live Show with Brian Moyer, a show that features new local songwriters each week.

BRIAN MOYER — GUITAR & MANDOLIN Brian Moyer has pursued songwriting professionally for over 15 years. He is the leader of the NC Songwriter Co-op songwriters circle that takes place at the Carrboro Arts Center twice a month. He is a guitar instructor of Junior Appalachian Musicians Program. Brian hosts the Neville’s Quarter Live Show with Lex; weekly performances are on Wednesdays. He has also been an active member of the Music Department’s “Music Team” and of the church choir of Community Church of Chapel Hill for four years. When not performing with the choir, he manages sound for church events and Sunday Worship.


Shakori Hills Fall Grassroots Festival 2018 • Bynum Front Porch Music Series 2018 • Southern Village Friday Night on the Green 2018 • Carrboro Music Festival 2017 & 2018 • WHUP Radio Program “Pass The Hat” • WCOM Radio Program “Licks and Lyrics” • The Cave in Chapel Hill, NC • The Berkely Cafe in Raleigh, NC • SparkCon 2017 • Montclair Make Music Day in Montclair, NJ • Durham Arts Council • Festival of Legends • 2nd Wind Bar • Margarita’s Cafe as Featured Artist • Honeysuckle Tea House Stage • La Vita Dolce’s Wine Down Wednesdays • The Roost at Fearrington Village • Old Mill Farm Events • Steel String Brewery • VegFest Events • All Regional Farmer’s Markets

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