Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy New Year Neville's Quarter Fans!

Happy New Year Everyone!


1. We’re super excited to start of the new year with the gig at Steel String Brewery in Carrboro January 7th, 4pm-6pm.

2. In other news, we would like to announce that our song “It’s a New Day” is now available for download on ALL major music platforms like Itunes and Amazon. You can also stream it on websites such as Spotify, Pandora, and YouTube!

Please give the download a try and follow us on Spotify

3. Here is a link to the lyric video we made on YouTube:

4. Join us every Wednesday at 6:00 pm for our Facebook Live Performances by liking our Facebook Page.

5. Got any ideas of where we could play next?

Email us at or contact us on our Facebook page.

6. We are now also curating a Spotify playlist called "Neville's Quarter Favorites" which we plan to update weekly.  Follow Our Playlist Here

New Year's Resolutions!

In honor of the New Year we’ve made a small list of three goals for 2018:

1) record a new song every month
2) have an album ready by 2019
3) invite up to ten guests in the next year to join us in or Facebook live sessions

Let us know if you’re interested in playing/singing with us!

Hope to see you next Wednesday on Facebook and at Steel String Brewery next Sunday!

May all your resolutions start strong and stick around!

Brian & Lex

Neville’s Quarter

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