Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Weekly Neville's Quarter Acoustic Breakdown Update - February 24th, 2018

We are back to looking at local bands this week for the Neville's Quarter's Acoustic Breakdown Spotify Playlist!

We added the musicians Charles Latham, Becca Rae, the Couldn't Be Happiers, the Mysti Mayhem Trio, and Kenny Jackson. Respectively, their songs are "Dressed up for Nothin'," "Ain't Ashamed," "Let's Not Bury the Obvious," "Good Day to Be Alive," and "The Shortest Day / Set the Log Alight." It's always such a terrific surprise to see that there is SO much talent in area we live in. 

"Dressed up for Nothin'"
by Charles Latham

This song had us laughing the whole time. The lyrics were sad and oddly familiar... that time when you get everything ready for a big date and you're not sure the other person even remembered. The song has this calm, happy go lucky, tempo and almost a casual honky tonk walk; which makes the feelings of insecurity and panic in the words all the more amusing. The character to whom this awkward situation is happening to is talking to the "absent date" the whole time as if trying to play it cool. It's pretty hilarious, give this song a listen!

"Ain't Ashamed"
By Becca Rae

Becca Rae has an incredible voice! She got the country singer belting thing down; it's full of power, edged with pain, and perfectly melodious. She hardly needs any other instrumentation; and perhaps she knows this, having only a single guitar to accompany her voice. Personally, it was hard to listen to the words because the vocals are so skillfully expressed, they were all my mind wanted to pay attention to. But seriously, Becca Rae is a great musician and has a lot more to offer than just her voice; she's a great story teller! Listen to her tonight at IMURJ at 8pm!

"Let's Not Bury the Obvious"
By Couldn't Be Happiers

This duo is so cool and they fit so well together musically. The words are great mix of modern lingo with an old folk feel, which I think is part of their appeal. They are experts at combining the new and the old. This song is upbeat and feel-good. I imagine it's really fun to sing this song with someone you care about, so I suggest you put it on the car stereo on repeat on your next road trip.

"Good Day to Be Alive"
By Mysti Mayhem Trio

The lead vocalist's voice drips like metaphorical saucy chocolate, it's truly luscious and luxurious to listen to. It's a good day to be alive when you're starting it off listening to this song. The orchestration of the band is put together well; it's balanced and retains the same smooth swing throughout the whole song. Love this song, we're so happy to have discovered it.

"The Shortest Day/ Set the Log Alight"
By Kenny Jackson

This is an original by Kenny, who is a blessing to the Old Time genre of music. An instrumental song, it's a delightful tune that lightens the spirit. I'm guessing that is exactly what was felt by the composer because it is titled "the shortest day," a time when we need more light (both in our spirit and physical world). In the middle is switches into the "set the log alight" theme, which is more upbeat and gets you tapping your foot. These musicians are treasures to North Carolina, so we hope you'll give them a listen.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Weekly Neville's Quarter Acoustic Breakdown Update - February 17th, 2018

What follows is the Valentine's edition of the Neville's Quarter's Acoustic Breakdown Spotify Playlist! 

We added the bands We Banjo 3, Flatt Lonesome, The Amity Front, and Elephant Revival. Respectively, their songs  are "Ain't Nobody Else Like You," "Never Let Me Go," "She Don't Lie," and "Hello You Who." We tried to pick the most romantic songs to provide you all warm fuzzy feelings for the rest of the week. 

In addition to those four musicians, we added ourselves! 
It is called "What Do You Dream About," and we were really happy to be able to release it on Valentine's Day! It is available for download and streaming everywhere.

We even made a lyric video: What Do You Dream About Video
"Ain't Nobody Else Like You"
by WBanjo 3
Here's a love song vocal duet to play to your love and make them feel special. Put this tune in the background whisper sweet nothings while you hand them roses and/or tickets to Merlefest.  Because they'll be there this Spring! We're certainly hoping to see them there. 

"Never Let Me Go"
By Flatt Lonesome
Fun, FUN, and fun. Dance with your partner while listening to this wonderful song. It's about never letting go of your partner. The harmonies are perfect and there is some great instrumentation. You'll probably want to put this one on repeat; it's too short!

"She Don't Lie"
By The Amity Front
At first you may think that there are some negative resentful tones to the song, because of the title and the first line of the song. However, the song turns surprisingly sweet and romantic. Though there is that tone of sad rejection, it doesn't make it any less of a Valentine's Day Song. Perhaps this song is more for those who are experiencing unrequited love. For those of you out there; hang in there and listen to this beautiful song to make you feel a little better.

"Hello You Who"
By Elephant Revival.
This one is just awesome sounding and the lyrics qualify as poetry:
"Hello you who moves with me in a dance.
Hello you who moves me like the sea.
Hello you who shows me what our fears are made of,
Who love me Love loves me just to be.
I’ll hold you, hold me closely.
All that I can give you, know I want to.
All I have to offer, it’s all for you.
I’ll hold you, hold me closely.
Goodbye to those starless skies, empty eyed, sorrow cries,
“no not goodbye.”
Hello to the dawning of the star inside our turning around,
Your sunshine eyes.
I love you Love love you just to be."
That belongs on a love note, no? The song is quiet, delicate, but totally encompassing; I think a lot of the power comes from the low notes from the cello and the soft rich tones of Bonnie Paine's voice.

"What Do You Dream About"
By Neville's Quarter
When you're in love, all your dreams involve that person whom you cherish most of all. This song rotates on that idea and with the idea that the other person "knows" the same feeling. The song is for sweethearts and dreamy eyed admirers. Happy Valentines Day! 💕💕💕💕

Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Weekly Neville's Quarter Acoustic Breakdown Update - February 10th, 2018

This is our Obviously Awesome Women Musicians edition of the Neville's Quarter's Acoustic Breakdown Spotify Playlist! 
Yes, we always make our titles as long as possible... 
We added the Becky Buller BandMolly TuttleSierra HullAlison Krauss, and Ani DiFranco. Respectively, the songs added are "Speaking' to That Mountain," "Friend And A Friend," "Weighted Mind," "Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us," and "Sunday Morning." These are our favorite tracks of theirs (though it is really hard to pick!) hope you enjoy these excellent additions. 

"Speaking' to That Mountain"
by Becky Buller
This is great Bluegrass, full of soul and spunk. Banjo, violin, guitar, and excellent vocals. There's a great beat and easy to dance to or just bounce in your seat to in the car.  We love the old gospel feel that Becky has created. "Speaking to that mountain" are such powerful words. 

"Friend and a friend"
By Molly Tuttle
Molly is so cool and her talent is obvious. This song is really fun and uplifts the soul. The energy is boundless but soft at the same time.  It's a song about needing friends to help you through rough times; who can't relate to that? They're celebrating friendship and it's a lot of fun to listen to.

"Weighted Mind"
By Sierra Hull
The song for us is so captivating because of the delicately chosen dissonance that frames every musical phrase. The song is about the walls that get built up sometimes between people in relationships and how they need to come down for better communication. The mandolin playing is worth listening to, Sierra is a fantastic musician. There are wise words in the song... like letting walls exist is wasting time! Lessons learned: sometimes you got to suspend your beliefs in order to see what somebody else is seeing. 

"Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us"
By Alison Krauss and Robert Plant
You can walk slowly and feel deep while listening to this song. The exotic melody in this extraordinary.  The words will guide you through your hardship and heavy heart. 

"Sunday Morning"
By Ani DiFranco
The leading guitar in this song is luscious, deep and wholesome.  There are strings and piano in here too that are lovely.  It's a very chill, relaxed song but still full of movement that makes you feel alert and present in the moment.  Listening to this on a Sunday Morning would indeed be a good choice to start the day.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Weekly Neville's Quarter Acoustic Breakdown Update - February 3rd, 2018

The moment you all have been waiting for.... Neville's QuarterAcoustic Breakdown has been updated! 

This week we put some big names on the list. 
We started with Sarah Jarosz who has, in case you've been living under some variety of rock, been a big up-and-coming name in Bluegrass. 
We put in her great song "Build Me Up From Bones." 
Then we added "Shenandoah Valley" by Steve Martin's Steep Canyon Rangers
We have a pleasant association to Shenandoah Valley because we drive through there whenever we visit friends and family up north. 
By the way route 81 is the best way to get there, folks, in case you're living under yet another variety of rock.
Next we moved out of the bluegrass genre and added the one man band Shakey Graves and his tune "Word Of Mouth". This guy is awesome he plays two or three instruments at the same time, YouTube him sometime. One of his instruments includes a kick drum that's actually a repurposed suitcase....
Next, we kept things funky and acoustic by adding Dave Matthews Band with his poetic song "Stay or Leave." Favorite line: "kissing whiskey by the fire" (yessss).
Then for the Finally we added the greatest guitar player to ever walk this planet Jimmy Hendrix
Most people have only heard him play electric guitar, but here he is playing "Here My Train A Comin" on acoustic guitar. His Blues album helped inspire Brian Moyer to start playing guitar long ago. 

Hope ya'll enjoy!