Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Weekly Neville's Quarter Acoustic Breakdown Update - February 3rd, 2018

The moment you all have been waiting for.... Neville's QuarterAcoustic Breakdown has been updated! 

This week we put some big names on the list. 
We started with Sarah Jarosz who has, in case you've been living under some variety of rock, been a big up-and-coming name in Bluegrass. 
We put in her great song "Build Me Up From Bones." 
Then we added "Shenandoah Valley" by Steve Martin's Steep Canyon Rangers
We have a pleasant association to Shenandoah Valley because we drive through there whenever we visit friends and family up north. 
By the way route 81 is the best way to get there, folks, in case you're living under yet another variety of rock.
Next we moved out of the bluegrass genre and added the one man band Shakey Graves and his tune "Word Of Mouth". This guy is awesome he plays two or three instruments at the same time, YouTube him sometime. One of his instruments includes a kick drum that's actually a repurposed suitcase....
Next, we kept things funky and acoustic by adding Dave Matthews Band with his poetic song "Stay or Leave." Favorite line: "kissing whiskey by the fire" (yessss).
Then for the Finally we added the greatest guitar player to ever walk this planet Jimmy Hendrix
Most people have only heard him play electric guitar, but here he is playing "Here My Train A Comin" on acoustic guitar. His Blues album helped inspire Brian Moyer to start playing guitar long ago. 

Hope ya'll enjoy! 

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