Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Neville's Quarter May 2019 News

May is going to be busy and FUN for Neville's Quarter!

Our May Schedule:

May 3rd - Firefly Market Greensboro with Couldn't Be Happiers 5pm-9pm
May 4th - Shakori Hills Festival of Music and Dance 10am
(mostly about the kids we teach but the teachers will pick a few too)
May 5th - House Concert - Opening for Abigail Dowd 1pm
May 8th - La Vita Dolce Wine Down Wednesdays 6pm-8pm
May 11th - Old Mill Farm with Eric Bannan (opening day - SOLD OUT)
May 15- 19 - SERFA Conference in Chattanooga Tennessee
May 24th - King Street Bar in Hillsborough
May 25th - North87South with Sam Frazier, Leah Kaufman, and Jack Gorham
May 31st - Old Mill Farm (tickets still available)
June 1st - The Brown Pelican in New Bern
June 7th - Pass The Hat WHUP with Kirk Ridge and Bob Johnson
June 8th - Opening for Barry Gray CD Party Doodad Farm
June 9th - Neville's Quarter Songwriter Bonanza II    3-7:40pm

*New* Songwriters Night Every Tuesday at Imbibe 
Hosted by Neville's Quarter every Tuesday, 7-9pm
Stick around afterwards and play at the open mic upstairs at Zog's!

Imbibe featured guest Schedule:
May 7th - Paul Bogas & William Nesmith
May 14th- Jazz Night
May 21st - Glenn Jones & Jeff Wall
May 28th - John Stevens & Kirk Ridge (of WHUP Radio)
June 4th - Chet Nichols

Facebook Live featured guest Schedule:
Neville's Quarter Facebook Page on WEDNESDAYS @6PM 
May 1st - Abigail Dowd
May 8th - Rebecca Newton Live at 5pm (not 6pm)!
May 15th - Daryl White of the Shoaldiggers
May 22nd - Mike Gaffney
May 29th - Eric Bannan

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