Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Neville's Quarter August 2019 News

Greetings Friends!

Things are heating up in August as we hit the ground running.

Join us this Friday August 2nd 7-9pm at Bynum Front Porch Music Series (rain or shine!)
This is one of our absolute favorite places to play and we hope you will join us.

Other August Gigs
Aug. 2nd: Bynum Front Porch 7-9 pm
Aug. 4th: NC Vibes (Cary) 7-10:30 pm
Aug. 6th: Songwriter's Night at Imbibe 7-9 pm Featuring Stan Comer & Alice Osborn
Aug. 9th: Flying Biscuit (Raleigh) 7:30-9 pm
Aug. 10th: Brown Pelican (New Bern) 8-11 pm
Aug. 13th: Songwriter's Night Imbibe 7-9 pm Featuring Doug Burton & Mitch Hayes
Aug. 14th: Imbibe 9:30 - 10:30 pm (Party Celebrating Lex's Sister graduation w/PHD)
Aug. 16th: Special Treats (Chapel Hill) 6-9 pm
Aug. 18th: Vegfest at Durham Armory 
Aug. 20th: Songwriter's Night at Imbibe 7-9 pm Featuring Ari Pappalardo and Leah Kaufman
Aug. 23rd: Old Mill Farm (Durham) 5-8 pm
Aug. 28th: La Vita Dolce at Southern Village (Chapel Hill) 6-8pm
Sept. 1st: Paperhand Puppet Show 2:20-2:50 pm (Puppet Show starts at 3pm)
Sept. 3rd: Songwriter's Night at Imbibe 7-9 pm Featuring Tim Smith & Anita Moore
Sept. 7th: Joyful Jewel with Wes Collins and Eric Bannan
Follow us on your favorite streaming platforms, new single release scheduled for August 10th:

"Other Side of the Road"

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Thanks you all for your support!

Lex and Brian
AKA Neville's Quarter

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