Host A House Concert


What does a "House Concert" look like?

If you have a living room or any space large enough to seat 10 people and have a small area that will fit two musicians you can host a "house concert." These are by far our favorite gigs to play because they are intimate and allow us to interact with the audience.  

For the audience, it is much easier to hear and see the performer and usually the seats are much more comfortable than ones you would find out at a big venue.  All you need to set a house concert up is around 10 friends (or as many as you can fit!) who would be willing to donate $10 each for the artists, and of course the space to fit a small crowd.

Here is a sample e-mail you can use to invite your friends: SAMPLE E-MAIL

To schedule or discuss hosting us at your home please e-mail us at :

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