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    What Do You Dream About?

    This Little Old Home

  It's A New Day

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Bluegrass On My Mind ( March 15th, 2018)

I Believe In Love                      The State Of Our Affairs
Painting My Masterpiece          Come Take A Ride In My Time Machine                       
Bad 4 Business                         I'm A Work In Progress
With Bluegrass On My Mind    The Other Side Of The Road
Neville's Got A Quarter            Got To Love The Summer
Secret To Tell                            The Lizard From My Dreamz
Searching For Inspiration          Lincoln Song
Hey Little Doggie                      Left Foot, Right Foot
Ode To The Guitar                    The Future, The Past, The Here & Now
Never Stop Singing                   Song For Everyday Of The Week
Too Many Choices                    Traveling Man
Lay Down Your Weapons       
Plenty of Nothing                       Blexit
No Reason Why                        Addiction is "Pain"
Standing Still                             What I Feel Like Doin

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